Firefighter Challenge
Hammer and Baton

Trusty-Cook is proud to be a founding supporter of the Firefighter Challenge. For more than 30-years our custom-made hammer and baton have been used by thousands of firefighter competitors from around the world, and now you too can own the “Official Hammer and Baton” of the Firefighter Challenge. A portion from each purchase will be donated back to the challenge to help support this important mission.

Firefighter Challenge Baton


Firefighter Challenge Model 10


Model 10 Training Hammer


Trusty-Cook’s Model 10 dead blow sledge is a 9-lb dead-blow sledgehammer designed especially for the Keiser Force Machine used for fire service training. Trusty-Cook has been working with Dr. Paul Davis, founder of the Firefighter Combat Challenge for over a decade. He chose our model 10 hammer because it is the best hammer for this application and his competition. Because Trusty-Cook hammers are non-marring, they do not damage the Keiser Force Machine during the challenge.

kesier sled
FCL II side text vertical inside boarder

*Training Hammer information: Training hammers are unbranded hammers that have minor imperfections. Function, feel, and durability are the same as professional-grade branded hammers.

Warranty information: Hammers damaged from hitting the Keiser Force Machine are not covered by our 2-year warranty. Our warranty covers defects that occur during the manufacturing process, not wearing out. Please also note striking a cold hammer (below 38 degrees) may cause a cracking failure.